Our country is sitting on top of a population bomb that just won’t stop exploding. The government has been running population control campaigns for decades now. But we have only managed to slow down slightly the population growth rate. On one hand we have many young couples in metro cities who are happy to have one child only. But on the other hand, we have many families with more than 5 little children even today!

Apart from its effect on our country’s population, what are the pros and cons of having one child only?

Cons of Having an Only Child

– Your child may get lonely at many points in life..

– Your child will demand more attention from you, and may be a little spoiled.

– Your child will find it hard to deal with disappointments in life because she has been so pampered by you.

Pros of Having an Only Child

– You are able to focus on the growth and development of your child.

– You have less financial pressure and expenses.

– Your child will be more comfortable talking to grown ups.

– Your child grows up feeling closer to you.

If you have an only child, you need to make an effort to not spoil them or pamper them too much. But apart from this, one child families are the way to go!


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Lavanya Mehra


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