As the world remains confined to small spaces due to COVID-19, the one thing everyone has started taking seriously is Immunity. Immunity is the power of your body to fight diseases. If you have good immunity, you live a healthier and longer life. So the pandemic scare has now highlighted the importance of wholesome health focussed on immunity. People are no longer vying for defined abs, its the life saving immunity everyone is now worried about!

Immunity comes from consuming a well balanced and nutritious diet and avoiding excesses. It is a well known fact that consumption of nuts and seeds improves immunity. So if you are looking at ways of improving immunity, make nuts and seeds your snack of choice!

Nuts and Seeds are full of good fats.

Nuts and seeds have nigh amounts of immunity boosting Vitamin E along with other vitamins.

Nuts and Seeds contain high amounts of protein.

Nuts and seeds contain anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fats, which are hard to find in a vegetarian diet.

So to improve your health, start by eating a fist full of nuts/seeds every day. 

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