If you have little children, you cannot help comparing them with yourself when you were a child. “We never talked back to our parents.” ” We never had so many toys.” “We did not even have a computer when we were little!” “We grew up without internet!” and so on…

The fact is that our parents did a much better job of parenting than we are doing. They gave us the most important thing in the world – their time. But our attention is divided amongst so many distractions that we are not able to do a good job of parenting. Parenting is a great joy indeed. But it is also a job and a responsibility – we have the responsibility of bringing up our littles ones and helping them develop into fine human beings.

Parenting Hacks to Bring Up Children

– Spend a lot of time with your kids, everyday.

– Read with them everyday.

– Play with them everyday. Play games without keeping a score of who wins.

– Make the dinner as your family get together time. 

– Spend time outdoors as a family.

– Introduce them to fine arts like music at an early age.

– Inculcate healthy eating habits. Say no to fast food and sugary drinks.

– Teach them to be polite. Teach them by example.

– Tell them you love them, say it everyday.

The only way to teach anything to little ones is to do it by example. Don’t tell them, but show them.

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