Did you know that people make a lot of assumptions about your personality just by looking at you? It is not even about observation of your behaviour! With just one look at you, most people infer your personality traits, which may or may not be true. How does this happen?

Recent research shows that generally people make assumptions about personalities by judging people on their body shapes.

– Pear shaped women, and broad shouldered men are assumed to be quarrelsome, extraverted and irritable.

– Slim people with a rectangular shape are thought to be shy, trustworthy, dependable and warm.

– Heavy set people are thought to have negative traits like being lazy and careless.

– Light bodied people are seen as having more positive traits like being enthusiastic and confident.

The impressions that people form in their heads by looking at a person are very complex and difficult to understand. These findings are just the tip of a huge iceberg that we need to understand!

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Lavanya Mehra


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