No, this is not the name of a new Bollywood film.

‘Oh my Hrithik’ is the initiative from young girls who want to start dialogue about female fantasy and self love. We have all seen how easily men talk about their sexual feelings, fantasies and lust. But what about women? Why do we feel bound by shackles of guilt and shame that have been set by the male dominated society on our voice?

These young girls want you to talk freeling about sexual feelings. When it comes to sexual feelings, Hrithik Roshan is possibly most desired man in our country. This is why these girls have named their initiative ‘Oh My Hrithik’

Lending support to this initiave, actress Radhika Apte shared a video where she talks of her very first fantasy. She openly talks about how she fantasised about a boy kissing her, her fantasies inspired by films on Zee Cinema! You may not want to share your fantasies with the world, this is absolutely ok. But what this initiative inspires you to do is to get rid of the guilt and shame. Learn to enjoy your sexuality without anyone telling you that you are loose or characterless!

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