Many parts of India are now opening up. This means offices are opening, shops are opening and people have to go back to work. This is good news from an economic point of view. But let us not forget, the virus did not go away! COVID-19 is still here and we can keep the virus at bay only with thoughtfulness and care. A workplace is usually the place where many unrelated people stand the risk of contracting an infection. So this is the place we need to be vigilant about.

Today we bring you some safety tips that will help you guard your own health and also help others around you.

Safety Tips at Workplace

Hygiene remains the first safety practice. Wash your hands with soap as soon as you enter your workplace, and again as soon as you get back home in the evening.

Make it a practice in your workplace that all surfaces and common areas should be disinfected daily with a strong disinfectant or with bleach. 

Take responsibility and wipe down all surfaces around you with disinfectant or bleach.

Avoid touching surfaces like door knobs, light switches, doors, window panes, shelves etc. This works if you assume every surafce has the Coronvirus!

Do not share drinks or food with your co-workers.

Avoid meetings or chats where you cannot maintain safe distance with your co-workers.

If possible, request the administration at workplace to stagger working hours of employees so that occupancy numbers can be reduced.

If possible, continue working from home.

When you reach back home, wash your hands, and if possible take a hot shower before greeting members of your family.

Together we can fight the virus!


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Lavanya Mehra


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