Everything we do is very different from how our parents did it. So why should new year’s resolutions be any different?

Today we bring you a few resolutions for 2019 that are in keeping with modern times and will help your family in many ways.

Modern Resolutions for Your Family

1. Reduce screen time for everyone. You can get inputs from all family members and set up limits for each member after this discussion.

2. Eat dinner together. Make sure you always eat dinner together – nobody takes a tray to their room!

3. Make saving and investment a priority. Your children are never too young to learn the importance of saving and investing, so start NOW.

4. Read more often. Your children will love reading books if they see you reading books and enjoying them. Start reading more often and lead by example.

5. Enjoy the outdoors as a family. Promise each other that you will spend more time together and enjoy the outdoors while you do it!

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Lavanya Mehra


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