Bloating, flatulence and gastric pain are all caused by excess gas in the stomach. These problems are not only painful and uncomfortable, they also cause embarassing moments if you are in public. But there are natural and simple ways to avoid these embarassing problems.

Natural Ways To Prevent Stomach Gas Problems

Excessive gas formation in the stomach is usually caused due to heavy and fatty food consumption. So if you face this problem continually, you need to alter your daily diet. Common foods that cause gas are broccoli, lettuce, beans, chickpeas, cabbage, cauliflower, apples, aerated drinks etc. So avoid or reduce the consumption of these foods for better stomach health.

Salads, onions, garlic and dairy products are also considered gassy. You may even notice extra flatulence after consumption of some of these foods. The problem is that some food items that cause stomach gas in you may not be considered gassy by other people around you. Everyone has a different digestive system, so you need to identify the foods that cause these problems for you.

1. To avoid gas, bloating and flatulence, avoid fatty foods and foods described above.

2. Never sit down or lie back after a meal. You can aid digestion by taking a light walk or moving around doing some chores after you have eaten.

3. If you experience gas, cut down on high fibre food for a while. After you have had bowel movement, you can start having high fibre foods again.

4. Drink lots of water. It helps in regulating bowel movement. Regular passing of stols is a great way to keep the stomach free of ailments.

5. Always spend a little time in eating. If you eat too fast, it hampers digestion. So eat slowly and keep your stomach in good health.



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