A new strain of Coronavirus is spreading through Britain, and this is spreading fast. The mutant COVID spreads so fast that it is out of control and UK has already begun a strict lockdown to fight it. The mutant Coronavirus was seen in Kent, where the authorities suddenly saw a big surge in the number of cases.

The new strain has beennamed B.1.1.7 and it is said that it has acquired 17 mutations. It is surprising how this mutant has evolved so fast. It seems this strain is much more adept at human-to-human transmission, this is why it is more dangerous and spreads faster.

In light of this new development, most countries have canceled all flights to and from UK. India has not taken this step yet, but the government is considering this action seriously. The good news is that COVID vaccines will provide protection against this strain too! But at the same time, we should all keep our guards up and act responsibly. The danger is lurking out there and we need to protect our families against this virus! So stay safe and maintain social distance for a little while longer…

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