There’s Good News for the Good News Carriers, aka the to-be-mothers!

The Government of India has decided to give you some extra facilities on the maternity front! Not only has the maternal leave period been extended to six months, but a flexible childcare leave system is also being introduced!

And if you are already smiling, here’s another reason to broaden your grin. They have opened the post-maternity leave window for up to two years! Isn’t that a really big relief?

Pregnancy and motherhood is a very special phase of every woman’s life. The extension of the maternity leave by two months and of the childcare leave by one year is certainly going to be a great help to the new mothers.

A senior official was reported saying, “The first two years are crucial for a new- born. The rules will allow the mother to stay with the child for up to two years on a continuous basis, in addition to maternity leave”. The official added, “leaves taken in continuation would be based on the employees’ existing accumulated leave.”

The first few years are indeed very important. It’s the time when your little ones are completely dependent on you. And in a nuclear family, where you do not have grandparents and cousins to take care of little ones, couples depended on crèches and babysitters to take care of your baby. But the new provisions of the Maternity Benefit Act is going to change things to a great extent.

In fact it has not just good news for you, but for your babies too! Wouldn’t they be glad to know that they will now get 12 more months of care and pampering from you?

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