There is a lot of commonality between fit people all across the world. When we say fit, we do not mean slim. Many people are genetically blessed and do not put on weight. But fitness is a lot more than being slim. Fitness means being strong, maintaining healthy weight, having healthy and muscular body and having a strong immune system. A dedicated approach to healthy habits is reuired for becoming fit.

Here is a list of 5 Morning Habits that are Found Amongst Fit People

1. Drink some kind of warm water based beverage. Some people swear by lemon-honey drink, some people drink warm jeera water, some people drink warm methi seeds water etc. But most fit people start their day with a warm water based drink to flush out the toxins.

2. Get some form of exercise. It does not have to be jogging or weight training! A swift stroll in the park, a 25 minute Yoga session, a dance workout…it could be any form of exercise.

3. Get some morning sun. The morning sun is said to provide a kick of Vitamin D and is essential for proper functioning of the body.

4. Eat a nutritious breakfast. Wholesome and nutritious meals are important for fitness. Breakfast should provide adequate nourishment to start your day and carry out your tasks with high energy.

5. Pack healthy foods for the day. Fit people always carry a dabba to work or college!

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