One new term that is seen everywhere these days is Mindfulness. It is considered a health and fitness trend. But what does it mean?

What is Mindfulness? It is the state of being consciously present in your present, without being emotional or judgmental about it. It helps in beating stress and empowers people to accept their painful experiences. The basis of mindfulness is in Budhism and it is now being practised all over the world.

How to Practise Mindfulness?

It is a form of meditation, but one which makes you focus on yourself and on things around you. 

Start by just meditating while repeating a mantra and focussing on your breath. You will find tht thoughts keep coming and going across your mind. Let them.

The next step is to focus on sensations in body. Your foot might tingle, you might feel an itch somewhere. Observe these sensations and allow them to pass. Observe and notice each part of your body.

Notice sights, sounds and smells around you. Notice and let go.

Now practise being aloof while you observe your emotions. Experience feelings of joy, sorrow etc without judging.

Notice cravings, observe them and let them pass.

These are stages of mindfulness. As you pass each stage, you will find yourself becoming less judgmental. Your stress level will go down and your health will improve.


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Lavanya Mehra


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