It is a well known fact that PCOS is a very common disorder amongst Indian women. This is making our young generation infertile and also causing other problems. Girls who suffer from PCOS exhibit various symptoms like excess facial hair, weight gain, menstrual problems, acne etc. Experts have established that there is a link between PCOS and Insulin resistance. 

This is why experts advise that a Low Glycemic Index diet can help in managing your PCOS better. A low GI diet helps in managing blood sugar levels. Having high blood sugar levels causes ovaries to produce higher levels of testosterone, and this results in PCOS symptoms.

To manage your PCOS symptoms better, include more of these low GI foods in your diet.

Whole grains like Jowar, Ragi, Barley and Kuttu.

All kinds of beans, grams and chickpeas to manage blood sugar and have more protein.

Fresh fruit and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables.

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