It is a well known fact that midnight snacking is bad for health. In fact, health experts agree that the last nit of food that you consume should be eaten at least 2 hours befor ebed time. This gap between the last meal and bed time gives your body ample time to digest the meal. If you do not follow this rule, you may experience weight gain and bloating.

But modern life, especially in COVID-19 times is far from the ideal life situation. People are spending all their time at home. Most people are now staying up till very late. If you eat your dinner at 8 pm but are still awake at 12 pm, you are bound to get hungry! This is when people go hunting for a snack in the fridge. If you can train yourself to eat a healthy snack at this time, you can avoid the harmful effects of midnight snacking.

Examples of Healthy Midnight Snacks – Depending on how hungry you feel, you can choose one of the following options.

Fresh fruit, a crunchy slad vegetable like cucumber or carrot, popcorn, crackers with hummus, oatmeal, nuts and seeds, toast with hummus, toast with peanut butter etc.

Whatever you choose, do not give in to the yumminess of chips or other fried snacks in the pantry!

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