Those layers of fat that have collected around your waist look like a tyre, don’t they? This is why they are called “Spare Tyre Around The Waist”. Also known as love handles, these tyres are anything but conducive to love!

Normally we associate obesity with these love handles. But the fact is that even non-obese people often have tyres around their middle. A waist measuring more than 40 inches is a potential threat to health for both men and women. So even if you are slim and in a healthy weight category, you are still at high risk for diseases if you have a big waist. This is usually a problem with men, as they tend to develop an “apple shaped” body in their 30s. Women usually get away with smaller waists as they tend to have “pear shaped” bodies. But as they gain weight, love handles appear.

Research says that waist measurement is itself a trustworthy indicator of an individual’s life span and health. Heart disease and hypertension are the common problems associated with belly fat. Research shows that every extra inch packed onto the waist increases mortality rate by 9 % for men and 7 % for women Isn’t that an eye-opener?

So if you have a pot belly, go and measure yourself immediately. Measure yourself around the circumference of your belly button. If you measure more than 40 inches, you need to get into action IMMEDIATELY! Before you embark on any diet or exercise plan, don’t forget to consult with your doctor.

1. Start by reducing your calorie intake by 300-500 calories per day. Do not deprive yourself of wholesome food. Just cut out all processed food from your diet. No sodas, no white bread, no pastries, no ice creams or sugar laden sweets! Focus on healthy, wholesome and nutritious food groups found in whole grain cereals, dairy, green vegetables, pulses, fish etc.

2. Mere dieting won’t work for long. So embark on an exercise plan after consulting with your physician. Interval training is said to have encouraging effects on fat loss programs. Join a gym or hire an instructor to guide you through your workout program.

3. Remain Stress Free. Relax your mind and body with yoga and meditation. Try to remain cheerful and count your blessings.

These 3 steps will definitely help you in losing that belly fat.

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