We all know that obesity is one of the biggest factors behind heart disease. But this information is not enough when it comes to saving lives. A large percentage of Indians are suffering from heart disease today. In fact, many of you probably know someone that passed away due to a heart attack in their 40s. Heart disease is dangerous, and combined with other factors like hypertension and diabetes, it can be deadly. So we must do everything possible to fight heart disease.

New research says that moderate exercise combined with a reduced calorie diet can be of great advantage in battling heart disease. Neither of these two may be sufficient on its own. If you stop focusing on your weight, and focus only on the lifestyle changes, you may be able to extend your life by improving heart health. Combine a moderate exercise regimen with an altered diet. You should aim to reduce your daily calorie intake by 200 calories. This combined effort will improve your heart health and also improve your general health. To make the lifestyle changes sustainable, do not aim to make any drastic changes. Make slow and well considered changes that you can follow throughout your life. Any weight loss that follows will be a bonus reward for you!

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