Ever since Swami Ramdev started his health revolution on TV, lauki juice became synonymous with good health. As the swami extolled many benefits of consuming lauki juice on an empty stomach every morning, portable juice vendors began to appear outside every park in the mornings, selling their fresh lauki juice to people trying to get healthy. There were a few incidents involving lauki juice that made many doctors speak up against it. But all that was in the past…till now.

Tahira Kashyap, who is also better known as the wife of Ayushmann Khurana, recently shared news about her health, throiwng the humble lauki juice into spotlight once again. Tahira has reported that she drank lauki juice even though she could taste some bitterness in it. Soon she started vomitting and her blood pressure dropped below 50. She had to be admitted to a hospital where she was kept for 2 days. Moral of the story – Do not drink your lauki juice if it tastes bitter.

It is well known that the Cucurbit family – vegetables like lauki, karela, cucumber etc can be a bit poisonous at times. Doctors warn against consuming bitter lauki because it indicated that the vegetable may cause poisoning if consumed.

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