A dinner ended with a cruel murder of a 24 years old Keenan Santos & 29 years old Reuben Fernandez happened last Saturday for stopping eve teasers (sexually harassing) to their girl friends. About 50 people were there to witness the offense. The victims screamed there for help but nobody came out, all were there standing & watching.

At that night Keenan & Ruben along with their friends were in a restaurant for dinner. Suddenly a guy came and started teasing to Santos’s girlfriend, as a natural reaction to defend his girlfriend Santos face up to the man and pushed him away. So the reaction of santos ignite a fire for the fight.

According to the police, Keenan and Ruben defended the girl, the accused left but returned with a group of around 13 others having swords & knives in their hands. Keenan was stabbed thrice, while Ruben was beaten up with sticks. The two were rushed to hospital where Keenan was declared dead.

The tears of Keenan & Reuben’s family have been replaced by anger. Now the only question is that, what the authorities will do now so that the sacrifice of their children will not go in vain.

We at Memsaab want to show our support at such a tragic loss of young life. We also pay tribute to brave and heroic soul Keenan Santos for standing up and giving his life to speak out against injustice. 

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