So you’ve tried aerobics, you’ve tried working with weights and gym equipment, you’ve tried resistance training with elastic bands, you’ve even tried yoga; but you still can’t find an exercise regimen that you can stick with. This happens to a lot of people who are motivated to work towards fitness. Experts say that the best way to keep working out regularly as a lifestyle choice, is to keep altering your workouts. So you keep switching between pilates, yoga, running, weightlifting etc. But there is another workout that should be added to this list of workouts to try. It is kickboxing. Kickboxing as a fitness sport is not very popular in our country. But there are many reasons why you should try it. Benefits of Kickboxing 1. It is aerobic and burn all those extra calories. 2. It work and strengthens your core muscles. 3. It helps in improving balance. 4. It helps in relieving stress and any built up tensions in body and mind. 5. It helps in improving muscle-fat ratio and tightening/toning the muscles in full body. You become stronger and look better!

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