Cracked heels is a common problem in India. The dry and chilly climate of lean months is the most likely time when you may have cracked heels. What causes cracked heels?

Dry skin of the heels cracks up and calluses are formed. If care is not taken, these cracks deepen with time. What starts as an irritating and embarassing skin problem soon turns into a painful condition!

How to Keep Heels Crack-Free?

1. Avoid walking barefoot.

2. Keep your feet well moisturized.

3. If you have cracked heels, follow the routine given below.

Cracked-Heels Cure Routine: This routine NEVER fails. Follow it for a week and you will be surprised with the results. You will never again buy heel-cure products!

This is a nigh-time routine, to be done before going to bed.

1. Start by soaking your feet in warm to hot water. Add soap or hydrogen peroxide to this water when you soak. Keep your feet soaked for 15 minutes.

2. Now take a towel and rub your feet dry. Remove all the dead skin that may have come loose as you rub.

3. Apply a generous layer of moisturizer on the foot, focussing on the heels.

4. Now apply a thick layer of Vaseline and immediately put on a pair of socks.

5. Go to bed, do not walk!

Do whatever you want in the morning, but repeat this routine again in the night. Avoid exposing your feet to dirt and walking barefoot while you are on this routine. You will notice a big difference with every passing day!

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Lavanya Mehra


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