When you are young, the motivation to go to gym is woven around building muscles and developing certain muscle groups of the body. For instance, young men want chiselled chest muscles with broad shoulders and bulging biceps. Girls, on the other hand, work out to develop abdominal muscles so that they can have a flat belly and look lean. But as you grow older, these goals should also change.

In your 50s, the workout routine should be altered to reflect changing goals. Your goal now is to maintain flexibility and mobility of various joints so that the back and knee problems can be prevented.

The two main aspects of the workout should now be:

– Focus on maintaining mobility of all joints. Your workout routine should provide exercise to all joints without straining them. 

– You should also now try to mimic daily activities when you carry out your routine. So the motion of getting up from a sitting position or from a lying position should be articulated into your workout, etc.

One of the best workouts in y our 50s is Yoga. But do not limit yourself to breathing exercises because you are not so young any more! You can perform a whole body yoga routine at any age. But remember, you have to gently ease yourself into yoga over a period of time.

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