No matter what your age is, you always find it hard to control your weight. 

You try to eat right, you still gain weight.

You take long walks daily, you still gain weight.

You stress and fret about it, but your weight does not budge!

Does this sound like you?

The truth is that keeping your weight in check will always be a problem. There are very few lucky people around us who can eat whatever they like without gaining the kilos. These are the people with very good genes, and a great metabolism. But the larger group of people will always struggle with their weight; ths is something we need to accept and deal with it accordingly.

In your 20s, you tend to spend a lot of time with friends and you hang out at eateries every day. This is also the decade in which you stay up late at night and midnight snacking is common. You are young enough to not be too worried about your health in your 20s. All these factors mean on thing – if you have the tendency to gain weight, you will!

In your 30s, you life is all scattered and haywire. Most women have little children and families to take care of. Most women also have careers to manage. There is usually no time to workout or take care of your health. This is the decade when your health is actually at its worst.

In your 40s, your metabolism has already gone down. Losing weight is a big war because it has become so difficult now. You begin to lose muscle and that makes it easier to put on the fat. Your busy life is still making it hard to focus on your health.

So, as you see, keeping your weight in check will never be easy. If you really want to be fit and healthy, you have to start working towards it TODAY. Tomorrow will NOT be easier or better. Every day counts. So start incorporating health and fitness into your life right now!

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