If you are spending the pandemic locked at home with your family, you are lucky. If your kids are driving you crazy with their demands every day, you are lucky. If your spouse is always picking fights, you are lucky. Unlucky are those people who are spending these days locked in their home all by themselves. There are many people who work and live alone, staying away from their families. The lockdown has made life agonizingly lonely for these people.

If you find yourself feeling lonely during the lockdown, this is what you should do.

Keep yourself connected with family and friends even though you can’t see them in person. Use your phone, internet and social media to keep yourself connected with your loved ones. Make it a point to talk to someone every few hours. Make plans, catch up with old friends, discuss recipes with your mom, share jokes with your siblings and so on.

The other thing that can help you in keeping yourself engrossed is to make an organized schedule for your days. Do not fall into the habit of staying up late or sleeping in till afternoon. Keep yourself organized. Wake up on time. Get regular exercise. Make time for hobbies like music and reading. Do not eat Maggie noodles all the time. Cook up healthy and nutritious meals for yourself. Take care of yourself.

With these 2 tips, you can keep yourself healthy physically and mentally.

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