At a recent charity fashion event, a 73 year old Jane Fonda walked the ramp for Naomi Campbell. The other models who walked the ramp that day aren’t too happy about this. Why? Coz Jane stole their thunder that day. Nobody had eyes for anyone except Fonda. Everyone had the same thought passing through their minds, “How can anyone look so great at 73?”

Jane has been a fitness inspiration for everyone, all her life. Her passion for fitness has helped many others become fit by following her example. Almost every English speaking woman has owned or watched a Jane Fonda video at some point in her life. Doesn’t that say a lot? Jane has been a fitness instructor, actress, writer, model and political activist. She has maintained her fitness through the years and remains a source of inspiration for all. She is probably the only 50 plus fitness guru who has done fitness videos for people over 50. Amazing! Join us as we go through pictures from the life of Jane Fonda.

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Lavanya Mehra


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