When we talk of superfoods, we immediately think of exotic products that are hardly ever available at your local grocer or sabziwala. But if you look closer home, there are many superoods available in our own country that are easily available, and also not too expensive. So everyone can enjoy these superfoods!

Indian Superfoods that are easily available:

– Haldi – is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

– Amla – is a great source of Vitamin C and boosts immunity.

– Brahmi – helps in treating insomnia and also improves hair health.

– Desi Ghee – full of healthy fats, this is a must if you want to improve health and weight, especially for children.

– Makhana – rich in Magnesium and potassium, makhanas help in reducing blood sugar. Also have anti-ageing properties.

– Ashwagandha – reduces stress and improves male fertility by increasing sperm count.

– Triphala – is used to treat stomach problems, helps in reducing blood sugar and also improves skin tone.

– Drumstick (Singi) – the phytochemicals and fibre help in reducing Cholestrol and blood sugar.

These food items have great benefits for health and are cheap enough to be made a part of our regular diet. So enjoy Indian superfoods!!!

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