India is one of the leading countries when it comes to air pollution. Our cities are choking with polluted air and every year thousands of people get sick with respiratory illnesses. This is why our scientists have been working towards finding low cost sustainable solutions to improve the air quality.

Scientists at IIT Ropar have developed a new solution, with help from FMS Kanpur and Delhi University. They have developed a simple plan based solution for improving air quality in indoor spaces like hospitals, schools, offices etc. As we all know, air quality indoors is usually mush worse than outdoors. So a solution like this may prove to be very useful. The air purifier system has been developed by IIT’s startup company called Urban Air Labs. The air purification system developed by Urban Air Labs can improve air quality in just 15 minutes! The system uses leafy indoor plants like snake plant, spider plan and peace lily, to remediate the air and improve its quality. Amazing, right?

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