Protein, as we all know, is a basic building block of life. Consuming high quality protein in our daily diet is very important for a long and healthy life. It is important to understand that high quality protein should make one quarter of your meal. Carbohydrates should form another quarter of your meal. The remaining half should comprise fresh vegetables. This is what a well balanced diet is essentially comprised of.

Although our dals are a good source of protein, they are not a high quality protein. So you need to supplement dals with other high quality protein items. If you are a non vegetarian, you have many choices. From eggs to chicken to salmon, animal sources of food provide high quality protein. But if you are a vegetarian, you have limited choices left. One very good source of vegan high quality protein is soy. So include tofu, soy milk and other soy items in your daily diet. Paneer is also a good source of protein, so it should be a part of your daily diet. You should also try to replace the rice and potatoes in your diet with other food items like quinoa and lentils. These grains provide you protein packaged with carbs and make a healthier choice.

Supplementing your diet with whey protein is also a great idea for vegetarians.

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