We can now forget about the old adage that says good health cannot be bought! You can now buy a device that helps in improving heart health. Since heart disease is one of the biggest killers in India, this can be a big gamechanger! Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training is an exercise for your respiratory muscles. IMST strengthens the respiratory muscles and improves heart health. In recent studies it was found that IMST can have the same impact on your blood pressure as BP medications. It not only reduces your BP, it will also reduce your heart rate and increase vascular endothelial function by 45%

What’s more, these effects are being said to be better and more long lasting than medication, and even exercise! So how do you perform IMST? It is a breathing exercise you perform with the help of a device. The device provides resistance, thereby strengthening the muscles. Start by using the IMST device for 5 minutes. Slowly increase to 10 minutes and twice a day. You will improve your heart health even with just 5 minutes of IMST!

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