Snacking is usually looked down upon because we associate it with bad health. Most people think snacks are supposed to be fatty, fried or sweet. When we think snacks, we usually think patties, samosas, chowmein, burger etc. We cannot even imagine that snacking can be healthy too!

Ideas for Snacks That are Healthy and Quick Too

– Mixed seeds and nuts

– Chopped fruit

– Chopped raw veggies and salads

– Sliced apples wit muesli

– Muesli with milk

– Oatmeal

– Tofu with green chutney

– Roasted papad with fresh salsa

– Vegetable sandwich, if you are really hungry!

– Fresh fruit smoothie without sugar

– Boiled eggs

– Fruit mixed with yogurt

– Sandwich or roll made from leftover veggies

When choosing a snack, just try to spend a moment on evaluating the nutritional benefits of your choice. Ideally you should eat snacks that offer protein, good fats and fibre. If your snack gives you too many calories and unhealthy fats, and gives a feeling of fullness like a proper meal, it is not the right choice.

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Lavanya Mehra


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