You will read ‘low carb’ in almost every health related article or story on the internet. Carbohydrates have been demonized recently, to a large extent due to fad diets. People read about new diets that promote weight loss just by skipping all carbs. Certainly these diets work, but only for a little time. These diets are neither sustainable nor good for your health. The fact is that our body needs Carbohydrates for many processes. Your body’s tissues, especially the brain, need constant energy to work. This is where carbs become important, they are the best source of energy for your body to function optimally. When you take away this source of energy, you will end up tired, irritated and angry. Sounds familiar?

Yet, there is a way to become fitter and perhaps lose some weight without eliminating carbohydrates completely. All you need to do is become selective about which carbs you will consume. Most people think that wheat and rice are the only sources of carbs for us, but they are not. In fact, there are other sources of good quality carbohydrates that slowly release their energy and also provide fibre. If you eliminate all simple carbs from your diet and replace them with these complex carbs, you will find yourself achieving your goals without going ‘hangry’!

Simple Carbs: White rice, white flour, pasta etc. These foods form a staple for our Indian diet, but try to give up these for better health.

Complex Carbs: Brown rice, amaranth, chickpeas, beans, dal, barley, quinoa, buckwheat, oats and millets. Include more of these in your diet and you will see the results.

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