Though most parents will not admit it to their kids, we all do love the rains. We all love splashing around in muddy creeks, showering in the rain, and we also love the chai-pakoras later. But what we do not love about the Monsoons is the steady trickle of sickness and ill-health that strikes most households in this weather. We especially hate to see our little ones falling prey to typhoid, diarrhoea, dengue, cholera etc. So how do you protect your kids against these seasonal maladies?

How to Protect your Kids from Monsoon Diseases?

If you follow certain guidelines, and establish the same for everyone in your family, there is very little chance of ill-health bothering anyone in your family.

1. The most important thing to do is to be very vigilant about the water your family drinks. It is best to both filter AND boil your drinking water in these months. Certainly you should not drink water whose cleanliness you are not sure about. If going outside, carry your water or buy packaged mineral water.

2. Many of the monsoon diseases can also be food borne. So avoid eating out in these months. Street food like chaat etc is a definite NO. As far as possible, stick to home cooked food.

3. Make sure your family eats fresh fruit regularly. But also make sure that fruit is properly washed before consumption, and rotting/rotten fruit is never consumed.

4. Mosquitoes are carriers of most monsoon illnesses. So guard your family against mosquitoes by making sure they don’t enter your house. Shut all doors and windows when you turn on the lights in the evening.

5. Wear loose and comfortable clothes that cover most of your body. Full sleeved and long legged clothes are best as they also protect you from mosquito-bites. Loose clothes also let your skin breathe in this humid climate!

6. Hygiene and sanitation is the most important thing that your kids need to take care of themselves. Teach them how to practice proper hygiene and sanitation.

7. Make use of the natural remedies available to us like ginger, tulsi, tea etc. 

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Lavanya Mehra


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