We have always been told that we need 8 hours of sleep every day. We have grown up believing that the magic number of 8 is what is best for our body. But is this really true?

Though the recommendation for adults is to get 7-9 hours of sleep daily, new study points to different number. A study conducted at Henry Ford hospital in Detroit says that 6-7 hour of sleep is just right for healthy adults. Their research says that too much or too little sleep can cause inflammation of the heart. Dr Kartik Gupta points out that sleep is the most easily controllable factor in heart health. He sys, “Sleep is often overlooked as something that may play a role in cardiovascular disease and it may be among the most cost-effective ways to lower cardiovascular risk.”

This study was based on 14000 patients aged 47 on average. After a study for 7.5 years, it was observed that patients who slept close to 6-7 hours daily had the least incidence of heart disease. So follow the old age advice and form healthy sleeping habits – Early to bed and early to rise!

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