Everyone knows that nuts are really great for health. They are full of good fats and antioxidants that promote good health. But like anything else, too much of nuts can also be bad for you. So how many nuts can you eat in a day without gaining weight or developing heart disease?

How Many Nuts in a Day?

Experts say that you should eat no more than 28 grams of nuts (1 ounce) in a day. This means you can eat a handful of almonds in a day or a maximum of 23 almonds by count.

You should not eat more than 4-5 cashews in a day. This is because cashews are very high in fat and can be unhealthy if eaten without control.

Walnuts are the healthiest of nuts. They improve heart health and even guard against Diabetes and Cancer. So you can eat 7 whole walnuts in a day. Eating more than this can cause stomach problems!

Pitachios are another kind of nut that are very high in fat. So do not eat more than a handful in a day!

If you are eating mixed nuts, a handful is a good way of limiting your intake. Any more than that, and you may turn the benefits into negative health effects!

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