If you have ever tried to lose weight, you must be aware of the concept of portion control. Dieticians across the world have been preaching portion control. It has become such a popular concept that stores stock portion control plates, jars, boxes and even spoons! But does it really work?

Portion control may work for someone who eats unusually large portions of food and can actually benefit from reducing her intake. But there are a lot of us ladies out there who don’t eat very large portions to begin with. So if we try to reduce our consumption in order to lose weight, what happens? We get crabby and irritable. We suffer from hunger pangs throughout the day. Many of us will likely binge eat in the evening just to feel a little better, and then regret it within 30 minutes.

The truth is portion control does not really work. What works is eating smart. 

Portion control is based on reducing calorie intake by reducing portion size. How about reducing calorie intake WITHOUT reducing portion size? Yes that can be done, girls!

Reduce Calorie Intake Without Reducing Portion Size

– Fill up your plate with salad and greens

– Get a good serving of lean protein like chicken or beans (boiled or cooked withot much oil)

– Get very small serving of rice, pasta or bread

– Snack on apples and carrots between meals

If you follow this, you will not suffer from hunger pangs but you will still reduce your calorie intake.

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