Modern world is no place for the weak, and we are not talking just physical weakness. In fact, mental strength is much more important for survival than physical strength. Modern life is full of challenges, competition, failure and broken dreams. What does one need for success in this world? One needs many skills and attributes, and one of the most important attributes required is mental toughness.

Can you train yourself to be mentally tough? Yes! Here’s how…

– Cultivate confidence. Confidence is the hallmark of a mentally strong person. Don’t let any person or situation bog you down.

– Embrace challenges. It is in challenging situations that one realizes their true worth. As you start embracing challenges, you will find yourself enjoying challenge, and even looking for it!

– Adapt to change. You can be tough and strong only if you move with times. This is especially true in modern world where technology changes everything every 2 years!

– Realize your mistakes and apologize. Tough people see no shame in apologizing. In fact, mistakes are a source of learning if you look at it positively.

– Do not dwell on mistakes or failures. What is done is done, learn to move on without regret.

– Don’t let negativity around you bog you down. We all have friends and well meaning relatives who spread negativity everywhere they go. Don’t let such people influence you with their negativity. Always look for the silver lining!

– Learn to say No. Don’t be afraid of saying No. Only weak people use phrases like “I dont think I can” or “I am not sure if I can” etc. Tough people simple say NO when they can’t do something.

– Follow a healthy lifetsyle with no addictions. It is very important to be fit, eat healthy, get regular exercise, and not be addicted to anything.

If you follow these tips, you will find yourself emerging as mentally tough and strong with every pasing day!


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