It is a fact that fasting is very common in India especially during festivals and glory. With the start of Navratri, abstaining and gobbling season is back. Many people have a strategy to lose weight during this time of the year. Well, the intention may be to get a fit body and lose weight but occasionally during the fasting interlude, we eat some high-calorie foods that can actually do just the opposite to what we have imagined.

With the season of joy and grace, in India, festivals are incomplete without extravagant food and festivity. Well, some of these items may actually induce in gaining weight rather than the opposite.

To make a proper health check during this time of Navratri we have made some recommendations.

Start taking recurrent meals: – It is important that the body gets the amount of glucose that it needs, to maintain its balance. Small frequent meals will keep you active and make a balance with your body fluids.

Prevent desiccation: – Drink fluids like- coconut water, buttermilk, lime water, etc. to keep your body hydrated and energetic.

Intake of healthy carbohydrates: – Another important part of the food that we consume, it is obligatory that we take healthy choices like eating sweet potato, Tropicana, etc. but to a certain amount.

Foodie: – If you are an epicure and want to thrill your appetite, make some substitute sugar in a sweet dish with low-calorie inducements or natural sugars.

Friendship with fruits: – On this season of Navratri, it is important to make some healthy choices. Fruits will be your best friend when it comes to fasting and consumption.

Reduce craving of low-fat dairy: – Drinking low-fat milk and yoghurt will surely reduce your desire to go for oily items.

Do make some healthy choices and enjoy the feast of Navratri.


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