We have all seen that as people grow old, they begin to lose mental function in some ways. The most common problem is loss of memory, they stop recognising people and places. Some people are unable to process information properly as they grow old. Mental problems become more common as we age as the brain begins to degenrate. This may not be completely unvaoidable, but it is certainly possible to delay the onset of degenerative diseases of the brain.

How to Keep your Brain Healthy

Your brain health is a function of the numerous healthy neurons. If the neurons begin to die and new ones are not popping up anymore, you are doomed!

– Good sleep at night is essential to keeping neurons healthy and high in number. As you sleep, the neurons get a chance to wire together and improve the connections in your brain.

– Stress kills neurons. When you are stressed, the hormone Cortisol is released which attaches to neurons and allows more Calcium to pass through their membranes. This kills the neurons eventually.

– Depression is bad for your cognitive health. Research shows that depressed eople have reduced cognitive function. If you are depressed, have it fixed asap if you wish to keep your wits about you!

– Playing is great for the brain. It doesn’t matter whether you play football, foosball, or even a computer game. Playing is good for development of your brain.

– Resistance training has been seen to slow down brain degeneration. So go grab those weights!

– Smoking makes the Cortex thinner and it affects your cognitive prowess.

– Meditation is known to increase the grey matter in Hippocampus, thereby increasing mental power.

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