If this is your very first winter as a new mother, it is natural to feel over protective and concerned. You will obviously want to protect your bbay from the harsh weather and diseases of this season. So we bring you some tips on how to take good care of a baby’s health and how to keep your baby warm during the winter.

– Instead of putting on one big heavy sweater or jacket, dress your baby in layers of comfortable, warm and cozy clothing.

– If you use a heater in your home, you will need to humidify the air. To avoid drynes, use a humidifier.

– Don’t forget to bring in some fresh air every day.

– Sunlight is known to kill germs, so open the curtains every day and bring some bright sunlight in.

– If possible, take your baby out for a sunny afternoon everyday. This will also help with body’s VItamin D requirement and reduce symptoms of jaundice, if any.

– Massage oil into your baby’s skin every day after the bath.

– Everyone who is in contact with the baby needs to be very careful about hygiene. Hands should be washed regularly with soap. If anyone in the family has a cold or fever, they should maintain distance from the baby till they feel better.

When a baby falls sick, everyone in the family suffers with her! It is so sad and painful to watch our little ones battle disease. This is why proper care is a must!


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Lavanya Mehra


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