If you have been trying to conceive for over 12 months now, you fall in the category of “infertile couples”. But hey, that does not mean you can’t do anything about it. Medical science has made a lot of progress in this area and most infertile couples are able to conceive with the aid of medical interventions.

But before you trudge on the path of medical interventions, ultrasounds, medicines, injections, tests etc, why don’t you try to improve your fertility on your own? Yes, you can do that. Little changes in your lifestyle often give a great boost to fertility levels. Even if these changes do not achieve conception, they do make your body more receptive and responsive to the medical interventions.

How To Improve Fertility On Your Own

Here are a few things that are known to have a positive effect on fertility…

Optimal Weight: Being in the “optimal weight” category for your height is very important in improving fertility. Very high or very low weight harms the reproductive health of women. So try to shed a few kilos or gain a few, depending on your weight and height.

Trans Fats: Trans fats are known to be bad for fertility and ability to ovulate amongst women. These are found in margarines, blended oils, fried snacks, bakery products etc. If you are serious about avoiding trans fats, read the label on every product you buy and check for trans fats/hydrogenated oils in the ingredients.

Go Veg: Research says that a protein dense diet interferes with fertility, especially if it is focused on animal protein. Women who eat a largely non-veg diet have 4 times the amount of Ammonium in their Reproductive tract than a vegetarian person. It is advisable to have a diet that comprises of 20% proteins only.

Refined Foods: It has been observed in research that infertile women exhibit high levels of insulin in their bodies. Women battling PCOD have a condition called “insulin resistance”. It is due to these high levels on insulin that fat starts getting stored in the body. To fight this condition, it is important to avoid foods with high Glycemic Index. So avoid all refined foods like pasta, white rice, white bread, white sugar, white flour products etc.

Exercise Regularly: Regular body workout helps in promoting general well being and keeps weight in control. Ovulation dysfunction is associated with a sedentary lifestyle, but excessive activity is also known to suppress fertility. So light to moderate workout is the way to go.

Get Calcium: Calcium found in dairy products is known to have a beneficial effect on weight control as well as fertility. So try to get dairy in your diet every day. Again, it is better to avoid processed dairy products like cheese, which is also fattening. High fat dairy contains Saturated Fats, so go for the low fat variety.

Relax With Yoga: Yoga and Meditation help in relaxing the body and mind. This is important to keep yourself in positive frame of mind. Research states that high stress levels also hamper fertility. So chill out, relax and unwind with Yoga.

In general, all the principles of healthy living apply to fertility enhancement also. Before you go to a doctor to work out your fertility issues, try to imbibe a healthy living style for a few months. It may help you conceive naturally, or at least it may help you in becoming more receptive to the treatment.

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