A lot of people prefer to workout at home. For some, money is the main concern and a gym membership is quite expensive. For a few people, it is about exercising in privacy. They don’t feel comfortable about being looked at while exercising. For some people, exercising at home gives more flexibility in terms of time.

Whatever your reason, if you enjoy working out at home, here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your home workouts.

1. Set weekly goals. These do not have to be weight loss goals necessarily. Your goals could be in terms of hours put in or milestones in repititions etc.

2. Note down everything. Just like a food diary, a workout diary is also very useful. Perhaps note down both in a journal everyday? This will help you in remaining focussed.

3. Don’t skip basics of workout like warm up and cool down.

4. Have some rest days. Indulge yourself with mild yoga and stretching on these rest days.

5. Try new types of workouts to keep it interesting.

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