Our festival season kicks off with the Navratri festival in late October and carries on till the Christmas/New Year. These are the months when we tend to overeat for many reasons. The festivals are the biggest excuse for stuffing ourselves with all the yummy foods. Then it’s the wedding season, can’t possibly get out of eating calories rich food. The cold winters also make it hard to stick to a light salad/fruit type of diet. So eventually everyone tends to gain a few kilos in these months. What do you do about it?

How To Lose The Festive Flab?

With a focussed effort, you can lose all the extra flab within the next 2-3 months. Here’s how:

1. Begin With Detox. All the junk food, high calorie food and drinks that you have consumed put a lot of strain on your body. Help your body by flushing out all the toxins first. To detox, follow a detox diet for 3 days. Only eat fruit and salad during these 3 days. Have a ot of water or juice during this time.
2. Increase Protein Intake. It is common knowledge now that a high protein diet helps in losing weight. So try to increase your intake for the next 3 months. Vegetarians can have more protein by increasing the paneer, milk, eggs (if allowed), legumes and soy products in their diet.
3. Decrease Carbs. We need to do both simultaneously, increase protein and decrease carbs. So your diet should basically be focussed on protein, fruit and vegetables. Try to completely avoid carbs after 5 PM in the evening.
4. Drink Water. Drinking a good amount of water helps in flushing out toxins. It is also important so that you don’t bloat.
5. Avoid Alcohol. At least for 3 months after the festivals, avoid alcohol as it is rich in calories. Even more significant is the amount of calories you consume by the way of crisps and fries that go with alcohol.
6. Get  Active. Adopt some form of exercise or dance to burn the calories away. Even  30 minute brisk walk counts.

Good Luck!

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