In an ideal world, people would eat as much as they wanted and never put on excess weight! But the world is not ideal, and most of us tend to put on weight if we don’t eat properly. So many women spend their lives dieting, drinking cleansing potions and trying one fad diet after another – it’s pathetic! What would you say if we told you that you can actually stop dealing with hunger pangs, eat to your satisfaction – and still not put on any weight?

How to Eat More and Weight Lesser

There is one simple strategy that helps in achieving this aim. Eat as much s you want, never again curb your hunger – but you have to be careful what you eat. Eating one burger after another cannot be the way to achieve this goal, right? The strategy is to add a lot of volume to your plate, without adding too many calories. Fill up your plate with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, salad leaves, tofu etc. Restrict the amount of carbs and fat on your plate, stock up on the greens and protein.

If you feel like having a sweet snack, just top a bowl of yogurt with loads of chopped fresh fruit. This snack will satisfy your cravings and give you ample nutrition without being too calorie dense.

This strategy will show you amazing results within a month!

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