If you are tired and your body needs rest, sleep comes easy! What is in a pillow, right?

Wrong! Blissful sleep is not possible when you don’t have the right environment. A big part of the environment is your bedding. A pillow is like a night time buddy. It makes you feel fuzzy and comfortable. But if the pillow is not right, the comfort disappears. So today we will talk about pillows. How to spot the best one for your restful nights?

How to Pick the Perfect Pillow?

Your pillow should be neither too firm nor too soft. Some pillows are so soft that you find your head resting against nothing in the middle of the night because the pillow has flattened down completely! So look for a medium soft pillow that provides support, yet is comfy and soft.

Memory foan is a good choice when choosing a pillow. This type of pillow remembers the shape and size of your neck/head. It maintains an impression of you with repeated use and hence can be very comfortable. It also retains heat and distributes weight evenly across surface of pillow.

The size of pillow is also very important. If you choose a very thick pillow, you will find your chin touching your chest! But a very thin pillow is no good either. So choose a pillow that is just right and helps you in maintain the natural body curves as you rest.

If you sleep on the side, you need a slightly thicker and firmer pillow. But if you sleep on your stomach, you don’t need a pillow at all!

Now you know how to choose the next time you go to a store to buy a pillow!

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