You know everything that is there to know about losing weight by exercising or dieting. But did you know that there are other tricks that can help you in losing weight? There are a few unusual ways of buring calories that you probably don’t know about.

Unuaul Ways of Burning Extra Calories

1. Cold Showers: Before you turn on the water heater attached to your shower or bath, just wait for a moment and think about taking a cold shower instead. When you take a cold shower, your body still strives to maintain its internal temperature. This is why it spends calories in heating itself u. An early morning shower is very effective in shooting up the metabolism.

2. Cold Intake: Eating cold salads and soups, or drinking cold water is another great way of firing up the metabolism. This also works on the same principle. You lower the body’s temperature by intaaking cold stuffs, but your body tries to raise the temperature up to normal by burning calories! You will lose weight by cold intake, as long as you are not eating icecream or drinking milk shakes or colas to burn calories!

3. Fidgeting: Your parents might have scolded you for moving your feet or fidgeting all the time. But research shows that this habit can help you burn a few extra calories every day!

4. Be More Social: Research shows that people who interact more socially are leaner. The reason is that speaking and laughing help in raising up the body’s heat and heart rate. This obviously means more calorie burning!

5. Shopping: It does not only lighten the weight of your wallet, it could lighten you as well! Shopping releases Serotonin, and also encompasses a lot of calorie burning in the activities involved. Carrying bags, walking, negotiating, looking around in windows… all this obviously takes calories!

6. Watching Horror Films: You would never have guessed it! Watching a horror film involves adrenaline rush, stress hormones and neuroreceptors working hard. This helps in burning a few extra calories.

7. Get Intimate: This is a pleasurable activity that helps in burning a lot of extra calories. So cosy up and fire your metabolism!


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