If you ae a woman, it is predestined that your bones will become weak with age and you will need to make an effort to maintain a healthy skeletal system. So what are the things you should do to maintain healthy and strong bones?

How to Build Strong Bones

– Eat a diet high in Calcium. This is something we all know but we often forget it.

– Exercise regularly to keep your bones strong.

– Strength training is super important in keeping your bones strong.

– Quit smoking and drinking. Both these habits make your bones weaker.

– Eat healthy well balanced meals. Poor diet makes the bones weaker.

Our gender, age, family history and menopause are all a factor that make us susceptible to loss of bone density. But these are factors we can do nothing about. However, if you follow the tips given above from an early age, you can prevent oestoporosis and maintain healthy bone as you age.

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