Divali, the festival of lights, is one of the biggest festivals in India. Though, it is called a festival of lights, food is also a major highlight of the festival. Shopping begins in every household 2-3 days prior to the D-Day, gifts and sweets are exchanged with all friends and family, parties are thrown, and get together are organized. Amidst all this celebration and visiting people, we tend to gorge on too many sweets and other unhealthy stuff during these 2-3 days. What do you do about it?

Brinda, who runs a posh health club in Delhi, says that every year gym memberships spike immediately after Divali. This clearly shows that women tend to put on weight during the festival season, are aware of it, and want to do something about it! Do you?

How To Avoid Piling On The Calories?

Divali is incomplete without sweets. Wherever you go, people will offer you sweets and you cannot refuse without offending the host. What’s more, most people tend to chomp on fast food after a tiring day of shopping and delivering gifts. There is also a tendency to gulp colas, beer and alcohol during the festive season. Obviously a bunch load of fried snacks goes along with that! So how can one avoid piling on weight during this time of the year?

Prepare your lunch/dinner before you go out shopping or visiting friends, so that you don’t have to eat fast food or the heavy stuff at restaurants.

Switch to dry fruit and nuts. These are loaded with good fats and beat the “high calorie-saturated fats-refined sugar” sweets hands down.

• This year, try to shift to healthier drinks like Sharbat, lemonade etc. If you have to have colas, go for the diet ones.

• Increase your intake of water, salads, vegetables and fruit. These tend to fill you up without being high on calories.

• Try to decrease your intake of wheat, rice, potatoes, sugar and other high-carb food items. Lowering your carbs is a good way to maintain weight. If you have to eat a chapatti, go for Jowar or Soya flour instead of wheat.

Sugar Free Sweets is an option that many people consider to be healthy. Though the sugar free sweets are slightly better than the regular ones, they are not really healthy. They are high in saturated fats, only the sugar is substituted with Aspartame, which itself is quite controversial.

• When eating chocolates, go for nutty varieties. This reduces the chocolate content in the candy, and the nuts are good for you anyway!

• Try to workout more during the festive season, so that you can undo the damage you are doing by gorging on delicacies.

Host a Divali party (if you are not going to one), and dance the calories away.

Limit your alcohol consumption. Drink a glass of water after every peg. Go slow on the munchies.

Some people will still gain a kilo or two, even after taking care of all these things. But don’t let that ruin the festival season for you. Enjoy your Divali without any weight-gain related stress. Join a gym immediately after the festival, and drop the kilos within a month or two!

Happy Divali, Ladies!!!

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