It is a fact that nobody really wants to die. If it were possible, people would live forever and stay young forever. But the truth is that we all will die some day. There is a little bit of control you have in how far that day might be. If you follow good health habits all through your life, you can delay death and live a longer life.

Here are a few habits that are associated with longer life span.

– Low calorie intake is associated with a longer life span. People who live long never over-eat. A reduction of your daily calorie intake can increase your life span significantly.

– Eat a plan based diet. A vegetarian diet holds the key to longer life span.

– Consume anti ageing spices. Spices improve immunity and guard against diseases.

– Consume nuts and seeds regularly. Nuts and seeds are full of healthy minerals, vitamins and fats. They improve immunity and have anti ageing properties too.

– Be active. Do not be a couch potato – that is the worst thing for health. Try to stay on your feet for a longer part of your day. This will keep you active as you finish chores or workout.

– Avoid smoking and drinking. 

– Find your stress buster! Inthese times of very stressful lives, we all need to have that stress buster which we know will calm us. 

– Surround yourself with positive people and make life long friends.

– Find a purpose in life. It could be something as simple as helping people. Having a purpose in life makes your life longer!

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