2020 has changed the way we live. It has affected our lives and also our lifestyles in many ways. All over the world, lockdowns were introduced to contain the spread. This sent people all over the world into isolation. Many businesses had to close down and people could not avail of the goods and services they were used to before 2020.

One thing we all learned during the pandemic was to eat home cooked food. This started out as a necessity because the restaurants were all shut down. Slowly people realized they had nothing better to do, so they started trying new recipes and Instagramming the results. For some people this continued because they could not afford to eat at restaurants even after the restaurants opened. But a lot of people have just stopped eating out because they realized they enjoy home cooked food more.

Home cooked food is fresh, healthy and nutritious. When you cook your own food, you know which ingredients to pick. You can decide on the quality and quantity of oil to use. You can also decide on how much salt you wish to use. Most importantly, you will use fresh and nutritious ingredients. This is why home cooked meals are the best. So 2020 may have been the worst year in our lives, but it taught us a great lesson about healthy eating!

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