Nutritionists and dieticians across the world keep changing their minds about most things. Yesterday they said tht ghee is a killer in disguise, setting you on the road towards a heart attack! But today ghee is being touted as a super food. Similarly, there are many other food items that we keep hearing contradictory reports about. But there are some food items that all experts agree upon. 

Food Items Considered Very Good for Your Health

– Fresh fruit like apples

– Dried fruit like walnuts and raisins

– Cruciferous vegetables like Broccoli

– Green leafy veggies

– Beans and legumes

– Eggs

– Olive oil

– Avocado

– Turmeric

– Tomatoes

– Green Tea

– Dark chocolate

Many of these healthy foods are not only nutritious but also very good in taste. Who would mind a bit of dark chocolate, for instance?

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