With Winters comes sneezing, running noses, fever, cold, cough and other problems such as high cholesterol, psoriasis and even depression. Generally during winters, the sun is not very strong and people tend to stay indoors to avoid the cold outside. Memsaab brings to you some remedies that you can follow and stay healthy during the cold wintry months. 1. Step out. Try to get sunshine for at least half an hour every day. Sunshine has Vitamin D and also helps keeps your body warm during winter. Also a walk in the sunshine keeps your body active 2. Eat Sensibly. Winters is the time when people generally tend to gorge on junk and unhealthy food such as burgers, pizzas, fried foods. People believe that foods gets easily digested during winters and that the body needs to eat to keep warm. However, while it is true that the body needs nutrition to keep warm, there is no substitute for good healthy food. You must eat at least 3 balanced meals including breakfast. Also include seasonal fruits in your diet rather than chocolates and cakes. Take your daily vitamin pill and also have hot milk at least once a day. 3. Exercise. People tend to neglect exercising during winters for reasons such as they find it difficult to get out of their bed early in the morning and to get out in the park for a jog. For such people we advise that they exercise at home such as doing on the spot jogging or stretches at home. Aerobics warms up your body and as such exercise builds up your immunity. 4. Wearing Warm clothes. It is important to wear the right kind of clothing during winters. Pile on those sweaters and jackets. Get that muffler. Wear warm socks. Winter clothing can be very fashionable and one can look chic and smart with the right kind of clothing. Plus one is warm and cosy. 5. Visit to the Doctor. Do get a shot of vaccination against flu. After all prevention is better than cure. In the next series on this topic, we will bring to you skin care tips during winters. Meanwhile enjoy the winter while it lasts.

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